“I heard the joyful shrieks of the cherubim singing and shouting ‘Hosannah,’ and the thundering shout of rapture from the seraphim, which made heaven and all creation shake.” -Ivan Karamazov

Sampling and swirling storms of textured noise, bottomless drones, and ethereal melody into an unearthly rhapsody, Cherubim is the collaboration of guitarist, sound artist Yuko Pepe and trombonist, laptop musician, composer Brett Sroka.

Pepe, from Tokyo, Japan, and Sroka, from Boston, Massachusetts, met as part of 12,000 Trees, a sound collective that gathered every Sunday for many years in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, before splintering off as a duo, with a strange, yet overlapping aesthetic.

They released their debut record, “The Joyful Shrieks of the Cherubim” on the stalwart experimental music label Zeromoon in 2013.