Drawing on the spirit of the avant-garde, inflections of minimalism and cutting-edge electro-acoustic techniques, Ergo mines areas of sound unique in modern jazz. With pianist/keyboardist Sam Harris, drummer Shawn Baltazor, and led by Brett Sroka on trombone and computer, the band will release their fourth album, As subtle as tomorrow, with Cuneiform Records in 2016.

The record documents a suite of pieces in which overlapping melodies, motifs and improvisations played by the ensemble are organically transformed into electronic elements of the music in real time. Inspired by the stark intensity and hymn-like clarity of the Emily Dickinson poem it's named after, As subtle as tomorrow has brought forth Ergo’s most powerful statement yet.

"Ergo offers a compelling vision of how jazz can thrive in the context of processed textures... 21st Century fusion, ya’ll — the way ahead." - destination-out.com (five overlooked gems)

If Not Inertia
(Cuneiform Records 2012)

“[Ergo] concocts some strangely compelling music. From the droning, Terry Riley-inspired loops of “Sorrows of the Moon” to the exquisite music box pointillism of “Two For Joy” and the free-jazz vehicle “Little Shadow”, nothing is predictable or tame on If Not Inertia.”
- Jazz Times

multitude, solitude
(Cuneiform Records 2009)

“[Ergo] has a deft touch when it comes to molding silence and drones into rich celestial balladry. The subtleties of the new multitude, solitude are a nifty confluence of George Lewis’s dreamscapes and Miles’s Lonely Fire.”
- The Village Voice
quality anatomechanical music since 2005
Quality Anatomechanical Music
(Actuator Records 2006)

“…part of a generation for which Autechre and Sigur Ros are as pressing concerns as Armstrong and Sun Ra. That’s certainly evident in the timbral sophistication, spacey contours and slinky grooves of the band’s debut record”
- Time Out, New York